Step 1

Qualifying and certifying trainings

Formation au profit de la chambre de commerce
After a meticulous job profiling, aiming at coaching the beneficiaries in the best choice of their job, the profiled women and young people are trained in jobs related to the potentialities of their locality and the market needs. This stage lasts on average 1 month.
Formation au profit de la chambre de commerce
Incubation d'entreprise

Step 2

Incubation and business creation

Incubation d'entreprise
This is the practical phase of refinement and maturation. It is characterized by prototyping and formalization. The best trained beneficiaries are selected and then incubated in experimentation sites made available to them by the Foundation, where they will put into practice the training received and produce prototypes which, once proven competitive by experts in the field, are accompanied to the formalization and launch of the microenterprise. The newly created companies are directly affiliated to the CGEA of MEBF in order to benefit from the related tax advantages. This stage lasts an average of 7 to 11 months depending on the business chosen.

Step 3

Support for the mobilization of resources necessary for the start-up, growth and sustainability of the companies created.

Mobilisations des ressources
Halfway through the incubation process, the Foundation accompanies the best incubates in their search for technical and financial partners for the successful implementation of their project.
Mobilisations des ressources
Accompagnement à la Production

Step 4

Production support

Cette phase vise au renforcement des capacités de production (expertise, équipements, finance) des promoteurs existants sur le marché.

Step 5

Transformation / innovation support

It consists in strengthening the transformation and innovation capacities of the actors already operational in the field.

Step 6

Support for the marketing of products and services

Accompagnement à la commercialisation
It is of 2 types
  • An e-commerce platform made available to beneficiaries for marketing;
  • The search for partners and the setting in relation of business.
Accompagnement à la commercialisation
Suivi et Appui-conseils à la gestion d’entreprise durable

Step 7

Monitoring and advice for sustainable business management

Suivi et Appui-conseils à la gestion d’entreprise durable
The promoters are trained in sound management, thus guaranteeing the sustainability of their business. Follow-up is regular during the first two years of operation of each business and as needed from the third year of existence.

Step 8

Impact studies and evaluations

Etudes et évaluation d’impacts
It is a matter of studying and evaluating the impact of each project and each enterprise on :
  • The life of the promoters themselves, the life of the local populations as well as their close or distant surroundings;
  • The region concerned;
  • The economy of the country.
This impact study and evaluation is done on average every year.
Etudes et évaluation d’impacts